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Missing .js / .min.js


To add a reference to this library in my web application, I will need a .js and a .min.js.

A .zip file containing a Visual Studio project will not work.


ericstob wrote Dec 13, 2013 at 12:41 AM

I managed to create one myself by the following commands:
prerequisite: install npm and uglify.js

type linq.js >> a.js
type ltxml.js >> a.js
type ltxml-extensions.js >> a.js
type jszip.js >> a.js
type jszip-load.js >> a.js
type jszip-inflate.js >> a.js
type jszip-deflate.js >> a.js
type openxml.js >> a.js
uglifyjs a.js -o openxml.min.js

open a.js in a text editor. for each complie error, add a newline before the /*
try again uglifyjs a.js -o openxml.min.js
repeat until it works
now you have a 350kb openxml.min.js you can include in your web project.