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Open XML SDK for JavaScript
This is a small JavaScript library that enables you to implement Open XML functionality. Interesting platforms are:
  • In-browser applications using IE, Chrome, FireFox, and other browsers.
  • Server-side functionality using NodeJs.
  • Windows 8 'Store' applications that are written in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Word 2013 JavaScript Apps
  • SharePoint 2013 JavaScript Apps.
  • SharePoint 2010 JavaScript Web Parts.
Click on the DOWNLOADS tab to download the ZIP file that contains all source code necessary to write Open XML applications in JavaScript.

You can find documentation and examples at the Open XML SDK for JavaScript Resource Center

Video: Introduction to the Open XML SDK for JavaScript

Release 1.01.02 (December 20, 2013)
  • Added new example, examp10-open-xlsx.html, which shows loading a spreadsheet from a template string, making a modification to it, and then enabling the user to save the generated spreadsheet locally.

Release 1.01.01
  • Fixed an issue where UTF8 characters were not serialized properly if the XDocument for a part was not loaded.

Release 1.01
  • Perf improvement - opens and saves in 50% of the time.
  • Added support for loading and saving blobs.
  • In distribution, replaced jszip.js, jszip-load.js, jszip-inflate.js, jszip-deflate.js
  • Added support for asynchronous loading and saving of blobs, flatOpc, and base64
  • Added FileSaver.js to the zip.
  • Added four examples
    • examp06-template-documents.html shows how to create a template document in string literals
    • examp07-load-save-via-html5.html shows one approach to using HTML5 to open/save local documents
    • examp08-load-save-via-html5-b.html shows a second approach to using HTML5 to open/save local documents
    • examp09-open-base64-async.html shows asynchronous opening / saving of documents

Release 1.0

Initial release.

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